zwanzignull8 – the idea behind it

It all began – as is so often the case – with a need: the need for a presentation solution that would be sufficiently flexible to run on all devices, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets and the like, and also on all operating systems, such as Windows, Android or iOS. It should also provide interfaces to databases, to the Internet or to other data sources.
The quest to find this solution was frustrating: either the product offered one feature and not the other, or it could not be visually adapted to the company’s CD or lacked sufficient complexity in its possibilities.

So the decision was made to develop a piece of software in-house that could do everything and that would be capable of being upgraded from simple to complex. In other words, to bring together the good features of well-known presentation software and combine them in one product: the idea for zwanzignull8 was born.

The result was a modular product that meets the original requirements. But since each new customer has their own ideas and wishes, zwanzignull8 continues to develop dynamically and grow with every single order – by entire modules and in the minute details.

The people at 1A Präsentation are confident that, with this software, they are providing a unique product that is superior to the majority of conventional presentation software.